11:00am MST 3/9/20

The Dow is now down almost 2,000 a single friggin day. The bottom has dropped out of the oil market. Corona confirmed cases at 111,400 and deaths at 3,842. States around the U.S. and the world declaring States of Emergency. Schools and Universities closing down. Fed may take us down to ZERO percent. Even the old men and women of the Congress considering shutting down for awhile. And on and on... This is nutso.

What is going on? Is this God's retribution or just a lot of bad shit hitting all at once.

All of us should not panic. I was going to say we should go about our every day business but that is becoming more difficult. We went yesterday to our local WalMart, we are here in southern Arizona, and there was crowds, pushing, cutting-off, grabbing for items with a vengeance, and just an overall bad attitude of most people in the store, even the cashiers.

Major events where crowds of people gather are shutting down one by one. Security at toilet paper shelves in Costco?

And what did President Trump do yesterday at Mar a Lago in Florida. He played a round of golf.

I was listening to pundit after pundit this a.m. on CNBC and Bloomberg and other business reporting networks who say this market disruption and madness may go on for another year. God help us all.

Update at 11:09am MST, Dow is now down 2100 points. 

I am trying to disconnect from all of this but it is difficult. It's difficult because the social, medical, and financial madness is affecting all of us. All of us at once. 

Sister-in-Law and Cousin emailed yesterday and said both of their upcoming long-haul plane trips have been cancelled. Some of your relatives I am certain will be telling you the same thing as well.

I guess the best advice, from a fellow citizen here on Planet Earth during these wild times, is just take a deep breath. Take all the medical precautions, avoid crowds, planes, boats, events. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, take your meds. Build up your immune system. Stock up on meds, food, water, etc. Take a deep breath and calm the hell down. It's not easy but if we are proactive in all of the areas I just mentioned above it may make living through these trying times easier.

A year or two or ten from now we may look back and say..."...remember all that craziness at the beginning of 2020? Wow, that was some insane shit wasn't it?" Yes it was. Yes it is.

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