This is my take on what is going on with the Coronavirus sitch. Below is a message I just sent to a friend:

The President's speech tonight...NBA is shutting down the season...Angela Merkel told the German Parliament that up to 70% of German Population is going to get the virus, that's 50 million people...over 2,000 new cases alone in Italy. This is some serious shit that is going on. Do you have emergency supplies, are you stocking up? I hope so. Just heard that Tom Hanks and his wife both have contracted the virus, they are in Australia but you know that everyone in Hollywood who has interacted with him in the last month are going to try to remember how close they have been to him and his wife in the last month. And we hear from the CDC this is going to get worse. Damn. This is biblical in its nature and scope.

I hope you are making some preparations and are stalking up with supplies. I suggest you go to coronavirus.gov to download the prep sheet they have prepared.

Another great site:

That is Johns Hopkins with an hourly count of known contractions and deaths from this virus. As of this writing Wed. night at 7:30p it is 126,135 contractions and 4,630 deaths worldwide.. That's a 3.6% kill rate, much higher than the flu which has a vaccine and treatment options, there are none for the Coronavirus.

This is very nasty and all the experts are saying it will affect all of us and it's going to get worse.

Be well, stay healthy.


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