I get it. I really do. Sometimes you just wanna really scream. Scream at the top of your lungs in frustration, anger, and just because.

Just when you thought that life was somewhat getting back to normal, there have been spikes of new Coronavirus cases in 21 states with some restaurants and other business closing down again. And yet, I get it. This highly contagious virus is killing people. As of this writing 116,000 deaths because of Covid-19 in the U.S. with an estimate of over 200,000 total expected by September. That is a lot of people. More than what kills people in traffic accidents per year and we are only five months into this pandemic.

You are just going to have get used to this concept of ups and downs with getting back to normal. Normal is not for at least a year when we finally get a vaccine.

But let me ask you a question...would you be the first in line for a vaccine? A vaccine that was hurriedly pushed through the testing process. Would you be a first adopter? I would think twice about that. Let see what the public response is after a month or two for those who are the first in the pool.

Then there is the U.S. social unrest in our streets. North and South Korea moving troops into their DMZ. Two nuclear nations, China and India, actively shooting and killing each other now in the mountainous Kashmir region of their border. Oh yeah, you probably didn't hear about that I guess.

Ya wanna scream. But, I have an alternative. Shut off CNN, Fox News, NBC Nightly News. Just turn it all off. It won't make it go away except inside your head. Then go back to your hobbies or garden or writing (like me.) There really isn't much all of us can do to change the trajectory of coming world history. It's going to happen with or without us.

The point of all of this is simple. Stop screaming. It won't do any good and you won't feel better afterward. Because if you just wait an hour or two there will be something else to scream about.
Don't Scream, chill. Smell the sweet night air, greet the sun with a smile tomorrow morning, and just...LIVE!

Fred Fichman

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