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December 25, 2019
Look at the date above. My clock is reading 12:02am as I write this blog. It has just turned to Christmas Day.
Today of all days, I would like to make a suggestion for you. Ready?
Okay. Don't think about the Impeachment mess. Don't worry about the North Koreans lobbing an intercontinental missile in our direction. Don't worry about rotten neighbors, cantankerous family members, unruly co-workers, bills, the weather, or anything else you can't control.
For the next week or so, after New Years, don't worry about anything or anyone. Believe me those who dislike or hate or don't consider you aren't considering you at this very moment.
For you, for ALL of you, I just wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or whatever you celebrate this time of year and moving forward a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I truly hope this is the healthiest and best year of your life. I really hope this is the beginning of the best years of your life in the futu…
Really, a month since my last blog?

Discouraging news like blogs are no longer the "thing" like they used to be and people don't read them, don't know if I believe that, will shut down initiative. But then I write this blog because I love to write, express, and create. That's just me. Some people hate writing. I enjoy it.

Writing will take you into another world of your own creation. It's an escape and I just like that. So, I will soldier on the best I can.

Also, dear friends, you haven't heard from me in the last month because I did a complete rewrite this month of my "SETI" movie script, written 30 years ago for Columbia Pictures, never got made. I boiled down the script from 140 pages to 51 pages for a TV Pilot for a couple of producers who like the story, think I'm pretty, and want to pitch it for a streaming video series.

Streaming Services are exploding. Disney+, HULU, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and on and on are all on the streaming vid…