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New SETI Podcast: ME What the hell is wrong with me letting this nascent blog go quiet. What the hell is wrong with me not focusing this blog on what my life is about and what I am producing for you. I have 96 fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon with links on my author website at . Finally, what the hell is wrong with me thinking I have the time or energy to make Daily Desert Doodle a daily blog. Okay, the stage is set. Let's talk about the future of this blog. The description spells out what I do with my waking hours and that is write or market my writing. So that is what I am going to do with this blog. Yes, politics is occasionally interesting and exciting, but only occasionally. Personally, I find most politicians to be blow-hards feigning angry and becoming indignant on cue. Thoughtfulness and intelligence, rarely. So, in the future I am going to lay off that trap or really, crap.  What I am g