January 16, 2020

Keep It All In Perspective
Observing from whatever perch he is now sitting on and presumably looking down on what is going on now with his beloved Union, Abraham Lincoln, I'm certain, is weeping at this very moment.
Watching the gala opening circus in Washington D.C., known as the Impeachment Trial of Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, it's hard not to shed a tear or laugh out loud at the pretend solemnity of the occasion. The television ceremonies displayed today on Day One of this ongoing saga are interesting and fascinating but after a while it's like...meh! The politicians are in charge on both sides of the aisle so for sure boredom and repetition will now commence and partisanship will rear its ugly head.
First of all, Donald Trump is a facile liar, a manipulator, self-aggrandizing vain buffoon. But we elected him, through the Electoral College and not the popular vote to be sure, but we elected him. He is ours and we are responsible…
December 25, 2019
Look at the date above. My clock is reading 12:02am as I write this blog. It has just turned to Christmas Day.
Today of all days, I would like to make a suggestion for you. Ready?
Okay. Don't think about the Impeachment mess. Don't worry about the North Koreans lobbing an intercontinental missile in our direction. Don't worry about rotten neighbors, cantankerous family members, unruly co-workers, bills, the weather, or anything else you can't control.
For the next week or so, after New Years, don't worry about anything or anyone. Believe me those who dislike or hate or don't consider you aren't considering you at this very moment.
For you, for ALL of you, I just wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or whatever you celebrate this time of year and moving forward a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I truly hope this is the healthiest and best year of your life. I really hope this is the beginning of the best years of your life in the futu…
Really, a month since my last blog?

Discouraging news like blogs are no longer the "thing" like they used to be and people don't read them, don't know if I believe that, will shut down initiative. But then I write this blog because I love to write, express, and create. That's just me. Some people hate writing. I enjoy it.

Writing will take you into another world of your own creation. It's an escape and I just like that. So, I will soldier on the best I can.

Also, dear friends, you haven't heard from me in the last month because I did a complete rewrite this month of my "SETI" movie script, written 30 years ago for Columbia Pictures, never got made. I boiled down the script from 140 pages to 51 pages for a TV Pilot for a couple of producers who like the story, think I'm pretty, and want to pitch it for a streaming video series.

Streaming Services are exploding. Disney+, HULU, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and on and on are all on the streaming vid…
New SETI Podcast:

What the hell is wrong with me letting this nascent blog go quiet. What the hell is wrong with me not focusing this blog on what my life is about and what I am producing for you. I have 96 fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon with links on my author website at Finally, what the hell is wrong with me thinking I have the time or energy to make Daily Desert Doodle a daily blog.
Okay, the stage is set. Let's talk about the future of this blog.
The description spells out what I do with my waking hours and that is write or market my writing. So that is what I am going to do with this blog. Yes, politics is occasionally interesting and exciting, but only occasionally. Personally, I find most politicians to be blow-hards feigning angry and becoming indignant on cue. Thoughtfulness and intelligence, rarely. So, in the future I am going to lay off that trap or really, crap. 
What I am going to discourse about is the s…
Short and sweet this time.
One of the best comebacks of all time:
"If Bull Shit were music you'd be a symphony orchestra."
I guess we are in the middle of it, hunh? Technology is our bathrooms, bedrooms, in our cars, at work, walking around. I was in a doctors waiting room last week, a big room, and about 20 people waiting for one of the doctors in the group. They were waiting for their appointments. 18 or so of those 20 people had their cell phones near their faces, tapping away or listening on ear buds.
We need constant stimulation. DATA INPUT. Constant. Unending. From when we get up to when we go to bed something has to be on delivering content. Amazon next day delivery is easy, too easy. We spend more than we should buying crap we don't need. Time has been speeding up an slipping away at the same moment.
There is no stopping it. 
But try this, even for a few minutes a day don't watch or listen to any content delivery. Sit out in the back yard or go to a park or sit by the ocean and just look and listen to your immediate surroundings. At the end of that respite you will be rela…
I don't know. Is it me or are things kinda crazy now. All this crap in Washington, fires in California, forced power outages, Syria-Kurd situation. It's nuts.

For entertainment value only...nothing else, I sometimes watch YT for vids by conspiracy mongers who go on and on about coming catastrophes. And it seems like every time, Every Time, they spew out b.s. about massive earthquakes, volcanoes destroying the atmosphere, Red Dawn events, and on and on, nothing happens.

You can't confront them with, "...wait a minute, didn't you say this, that, or the other?" No, you can't because their predictions are long ago and well forgotten.

So, maybe if you do listen to conspiracy theorists you listen for a laugh. But please don't take them seriously. They don't know what the hell they are talking about. The only thing for sure is that you will hear their sponsor pitches about emergency flashlights, bug-out bags, dehydrated food, and useless subscription co…