I don't know. Is it me or are things kinda crazy now. All this crap in Washington, fires in California, forced power outages, Syria-Kurd situation. It's nuts.

For entertainment value only...nothing else, I sometimes watch YT for vids by conspiracy mongers who go on and on about coming catastrophes. And it seems like every time, Every Time, they spew out b.s. about massive earthquakes, volcanoes destroying the atmosphere, Red Dawn events, and on and on, nothing happens.

You can't confront them with, "...wait a minute, didn't you say this, that, or the other?" No, you can't because their predictions are long ago and well forgotten.

So, maybe if you do listen to conspiracy theorists you listen for a laugh. But please don't take them seriously. They don't know what the hell they are talking about. The only thing for sure is that you will hear their sponsor pitches about emergency flashlights, bug-out bags, dehydrated food, and useless subscription co…
You could roll the dice and not have it...Insurance.
But what if you get into a car accident? What if your house burns down or someone slips on your driveway this winter and cracks their head and follows with a suit? What happens if you are hospitalized or need long term medical care? What if someone steals your computer? I would freak out. What if you are one of the 700,000 British travelers who got stuck oversees several weeks ago when Thomas Cook Travel went bankrupt leaving huge numbers of people stranded? No travel insurance then you would have to pay for another flight, paying twice for that one trip home.
I think you get it. We have damn near everything in the way of insurance to cover those catastrophes I just mentioned. It costs us plenty and has done so for decades. But it would ruin us financially if any of those bad turn of events I mentioned above should occur and I didn't have insurance coverage.
But that does mean you are locked into any one insurance carrier? No. …
A Really Important and Meaningful Thought or Two
I am going to list a YouTube link to a video I just watched about how the universe in many trillions of years will evaporate into entropy, into...Nothing. No light. No matter. No shape, form, or anything even at the sub-atomic level. Nothing. Absolute silence at absolute zero temperature.
I guess to think about something like that can be depressing. But on a time scale of trillions of years it is also beyond human comprehension and beyond comprehension so say it is beyond comprehension.
But I was also left with the feeling that I must...MUST...enjoy the hear and now. You've heard that, of course, many times. But every day events and trauma or distraction makes us stray off course. You can't. 
I guess it is interesting to consider our own human fate in the decades we have left or even the years we have left. But remember that you can make all the plans in the world to do the best and most beautiful crafting of future years but so…
Last night I watched the 1932 movie version Hemmingway's "Farewell to Arms" which was published in 1927 and sold 31,000 print book copies back then. But I am guessing fewer print books are sold and more digital books are sold or heard as audiobooks. Everything is going digital.
This is not a news flash. Podcasts, I have one and I'm starting another one, YouTube Videos, live streaming, and audiobooks...people are still buying books for sure but there is also a large market for whoever wants devour story content by listening or watching. 
Net revenue of the book publishing industry in the United States from 2008 to 2017 (in billion U.S. dollars)
Fall really is here isn't it? Here southern Arizona it is about the mid-80's during the day but the lower 60's at night. That change is so welcome. The air is dry and cool in the a.m. perfect for our morning walks skirting wide stretches of desert where we live.
And shockingly, copious amounts of snow, up to 2 feet are falling in Montana and portions of eastern Washington. Halloween will be here, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fall College Football. Yep we are in Fall now for sure. 
Now that the heat of summer has finely gone for this year it is really outdoor time for sure. We will be spending more time exploring planet Earth, hope you will too.
Freezing temps are just around the corner so it is time to go outside and play. 
I've really tried to avoid discussing politics especially this Trump Impeachment Thing. It's divisive and peoples' positions have hardened. I am guessing my miniscule blog won't change anyone's mind or have any impact. But I am old enough to remember clearly everything that went on with the Nixon impeachment vote and Nixon's resignation, his resignation before the Senate vote.
Trump is in trouble as of today. Giuliani, mentioned 30 times in the Whistleblower report, is in trouble. Countless WH insiders are deciding tonight, I am sure, whether they should lie for President Trump or tell the truth and expose what they know about the criminal behavior and betrayal by Trump.
I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat, I'm not even an Independent. I guess I am a political agnostic. I've given up on all lying, cheating, and stealing politicians. But, I have not given up on my country, the USA, or its founding principles that Trump is tearing apart day by …
Right now on TCM they are running a movie I never heard of, "State of the Union" starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, and Angela Landsbury. Plot, an heiress, Landsbury, wants a self-made man, Tracy to run for President with his estranged wife, Hepburn, by his side. What a cockamamie story that is. And I'm afraid there will be more dead-body movies like this dredged up between now and November, 2020.
Just today, Sunday, 9/22 I saw a countdown clock till the Iowa Primary. 
For the next year, politics will absolutely rule all public life on television, in offices, and any public gathering. Charges and counter-charges will fly, new scandals, new revelations. We are more than a year away form the general election and I am just sick of it. But like a lumbering 120-car freight train roaring down the track and picking up speed continuously I guess that is the way it is going to be.
Is it possible that you and I can avoid the clutter and noise? Some of you will undoubtedly…