January 16, 2020

Keep It All In Perspective

Observing from whatever perch he is now sitting on and presumably looking down on what is going on now with his beloved Union, Abraham Lincoln, I'm certain, is weeping at this very moment.

Watching the gala opening circus in Washington D.C., known as the Impeachment Trial of Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States, it's hard not to shed a tear or laugh out loud at the pretend solemnity of the occasion. The television ceremonies displayed today on Day One of this ongoing saga are interesting and fascinating but after a while it's like...meh! The politicians are in charge on both sides of the aisle so for sure boredom and repetition will now commence and partisanship will rear its ugly head.

First of all, Donald Trump is a facile liar, a manipulator, self-aggrandizing vain buffoon. But we elected him, through the Electoral College and not the popular vote to be sure, but we elected him. He is ours and we are responsible. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Of course, there is a certain percentage of people, about 33%, a minority in this country, who think like Donald Trump that he is the Chosen One. Chosen for what I have no idea. So, President Trump does have a small group of deluded rabid supporters. Good for them, knock yourselves out. And there is another group of anarchists on the opposite end of the political spectrum who just want to just to tear all of the culture, laws, and systems in this country down and smashed to pieces just to see what happens. So there are pustules on both sides.

So, I think the best way to handle this Impeachment paraded out on most of the news channels is to look at the proceedings as pure entertainment. There are some of you will decry this attitude determined to believe that our very freedoms and pillars of self-governance are at stake at this very moment. 
Have you read or retained any of your High School American History? Several times throughout our American History; Civil War, World War I, World War II, Joseph McCarthy, the Hippie Movement in the 60's, have shook our country’s' foundation to the core. But we survived all of that and we will survive all of this that is happening now. 100 years from now, President Johnson (Andrew Johnson,  February 24, 1868, for those of you who do not know,) President Clinton, and President Donald Trump impeachment proceedings will be ancient history. Like Pompeii all of the actors on the stage at this moment will then be frozen in time. An occasional reference will occur but all of our current drama and fury will be safely put away in the lockbox of time. Sealed away and forgotten making way for then current challenges in 2120. Solemn...serious...maybe for a moment but that quickly passes.

Okay, kiddies...pull out the popcorn, sugary sodas, warm comfortable seating and enjoy the show. It's about to begin next week. There will be mystery, terror, astonishment, and laughs galore.


Frederick Fichman
Marana, Arizona

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