Really, a month since my last blog?

Discouraging news like blogs are no longer the "thing" like they used to be and people don't read them, don't know if I believe that, will shut down initiative. But then I write this blog because I love to write, express, and create. That's just me. Some people hate writing. I enjoy it.

Writing will take you into another world of your own creation. It's an escape and I just like that. So, I will soldier on the best I can.

Also, dear friends, you haven't heard from me in the last month because I did a complete rewrite this month of my "SETI" movie script, written 30 years ago for Columbia Pictures, never got made. I boiled down the script from 140 pages to 51 pages for a TV Pilot for a couple of producers who like the story, think I'm pretty, and want to pitch it for a streaming video series.

Streaming Services are exploding. Disney+, HULU, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and on and on are all on the streaming video bandwagon and they need new content. You can't just keep on recycling the old stuff over and over. Viewers will peel away from your service if that is your business model of playing old movies and TV series...unless you are TCM dedicated to just that.

What will happen now? Will my trilogy "SETI" be a streaming video series? I just don't know.
If you want a look at the material  you'll find links for the book either in Kindle or Print versions go to my author website

This process is underway so if there is any word or status changes. I will let you know.

Only a few days till Christmas and a few more till New Years so let me wish you the happiest of holidays. Food, Fun, Family is what it is all about. Enjoy it all. Thanks.

Fred Fichman

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