You could roll the dice and not have it...Insurance.

But what if you get into a car accident? What if your house burns down or someone slips on your driveway this winter and cracks their head and follows with a suit? What happens if you are hospitalized or need long term medical care? What if someone steals your computer? I would freak out. What if you are one of the 700,000 British travelers who got stuck oversees several weeks ago when Thomas Cook Travel went bankrupt leaving huge numbers of people stranded? No travel insurance then you would have to pay for another flight, paying twice for that one trip home.

I think you get it. We have damn near everything in the way of insurance to cover those catastrophes I just mentioned. It costs us plenty and has done so for decades. But it would ruin us financially if any of those bad turn of events I mentioned above should occur and I didn't have insurance coverage.

But that does mean you are locked into any one insurance carrier? No. Want some fatherly advice? Every few years do some maintenance work on those insurance policies. Check out other companies, compare prices, service, and response time. We did recently and it saved us about $375 per year with a carrier change for Home and Auto Insurance. 

Just consider my suggestions. Tnx.


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