I guess we are in the middle of it, hunh? Technology is everywhere...in our bathrooms, bedrooms, in our cars, at work, walking around. I was in a doctors waiting room last week, a big room, and about 20 people waiting for one of the doctors in the group. They were waiting for their appointments. 18 or so of those 20 people had their cell phones near their faces, tapping away or listening on ear buds.

We need constant stimulation. DATA INPUT. Constant. Unending. From when we get up to when we go to bed something has to be on delivering content. Amazon next day delivery is easy, too easy. We spend more than we should buying crap we don't need. Time has been speeding up an slipping away at the same moment.

There is no stopping it. 

But try this, even for a few minutes a day don't watch or listen to any content delivery. Sit out in the back yard or go to a park or sit by the ocean and just look and listen to your immediate surroundings. At the end of that respite you will be relaxed, calm, and composed. But remember you have to turn your brain off from thinking about what you have to do after you get those few minutes for yourself. Disconnect. Stay in the moment. 

Think about your beautiful wife or your handsome loving husband or your beautiful smart funny children. Maybe pet your dog or stroke your  cat. Whatever it takes, disconnect and stay in that exact moment. You'll be a happier person if you do. 

My sermon for the day because I care about you.

Fred F

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