A Really Important and Meaningful Thought or Two

I am going to list a YouTube link to a video I just watched about how the universe in many trillions of years will evaporate into entropy, into...Nothing. No light. No matter. No shape, form, or anything even at the sub-atomic level. Nothing. Absolute silence at absolute zero temperature.

I guess to think about something like that can be depressing. But on a time scale of trillions of years it is also beyond human comprehension and beyond comprehension so say it is beyond comprehension.

But I was also left with the feeling that I must...MUST...enjoy the hear and now. You've heard that, of course, many times. But every day events and trauma or distraction makes us stray off course. You can't. 

I guess it is interesting to consider our own human fate in the decades we have left or even the years we have left. But remember that you can make all the plans in the world to do the best and most beautiful crafting of future years but somehow life has a way or intruding on those plans. Those that survive successfully are those who can adapt to those life changing events. We and the universe have an inevitable fate before us and nothing can change that.

So let's have a party, dance along the shoreline in our bare feet, look into the eyes of the person or persons we love and tell them we love them.


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