Why certain thoughts pop into my brain throughout the day...I just don't know. But I always seem to be analyzing the world around me.

So, here's my thought of the day. Passengers have loaded into an aircraft, doors are shut, and pushback is about to begin. Who is going to start the engines and begin to throw switches. The 200+ passengers? No. The stewards or stewardesses? No. The two pilots at the front of the plane in the cockpit? Yes. Why? Because of their training and experience.

They are able to calculate speed and distance, fuel consumption, ATC frequencies to determine and report aircraft position. They have put in the time and effort to become expert in their chosen profession. 

Here's our learning moment for the day. If you want to become expert and professional in anything you do in life, you must put in the time to learn and develop skills. There is just no way around this truism. Whether it is managing a relationship, building a house, or learning how to drive, you must commit yourself to the task.

You probably all know this truism. I don't want to harangue about this one immutable fact of nature but sometimes we have to remind ourselves there are no shortcuts in life. If you believe that there are shortcuts in life you will be repeatedly disappointed.

Think of it this way...you are sitting in 39A and the passenger in 39B leans over and whispers he is a bit nervous about the flight. Concerned, you query..."Why?" He responds, because the pilot got his flying lessons from watching the 1950's black and white TV program, "Sky King." In reruns of course on The Ancient TV Channel.

Suddenly you feel a warmth running down you leg and you realiz that you just took a pee in your pants.

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