That's just the way it is. My office is a mess. I try to put away my "stuff" like folders, notes, papers, scraps of this and that but I'm not totally successful. Within a week or two back to normal. But ya know what, I think I've come to accept the cycle of messy-clean, clean-messy.

I used to stress over it. What I am satisfied and comfortable with is that I've never gone overboard with being messy or becoming a neat freak. Sometimes my office is clean and sometimes messy. It's a part of the house that I inhabit totally which means I am not affecting anyone else.

So, I have vented. I've put it out in the world. As far as I am concerned, that's it. 

For you, my only advice, don't sweat the small stuff. What you can't control, you can't control.

Movin' on...till tomorrow. Monday, let's get started with the week. Lots to do, all new and fresh. Opportunities, work, more work but opportunities. I'm excited. 

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