Right now on TCM they are running a movie I never heard of, "State of the Union" starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, and Angela Landsbury. Plot, an heiress, Landsbury, wants a self-made man, Tracy to run for President with his estranged wife, Hepburn, by his side. What a cockamamie story that is. And I'm afraid there will be more dead-body movies like this dredged up between now and November, 2020.

Just today, Sunday, 9/22 I saw a countdown clock till the Iowa Primary. 

For the next year, politics will absolutely rule all public life on television, in offices, and any public gathering. Charges and counter-charges will fly, new scandals, new revelations. We are more than a year away form the general election and I am just sick of it. But like a lumbering 120-car freight train roaring down the track and picking up speed continuously I guess that is the way it is going to be.

Is it possible that you and I can avoid the clutter and noise? Some of you will undoubtedly love it. Good on ya. Enjoy. For me, it will be a constant effort to avoid the fuss and feathers as much as possible. 

Baseball season is almost over. I can see a small tree just outside of my office window in my home office beginning to put on fall colors. The evenings are cooler and the politics on CNN and FOX and everywhere else is hotter.

So, let's all gird our loins for the coming storm. 


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