Okay, I promise long story short.

I open my Adobe Premiere to do a little editing. Alert, your NVDIA video card may, operative word, MAY, not be able to process correctly causing slow...etc. 

So, I call Dell, what's up wid dat? Do I need a new card? Tech says, I don't know, I will have to escalate this up but your warranty is up. We'll help you if you give us $250, year two-hundred and fifty dollars. Wait a minute, I told him I could buy a brand new computer from Dell for not that much more. Then he tries to pressure me into buying a computer then and there. I say no and he sends me his email telling me to call when I am ready to buy. Commission? End of conversation. I'll just edit 
with Premiere, shut down all running programs, and do my best. 

Why does the upsell on EVERYTHING we encounter these days continue to happen. I called for a specific purpose and it spiraled out of control. It just makes you want to just hang up the phone, shut everything down, and crawl into bed. 

Dell, I will say this, I'll keep buying your towers. I am on maybe my fifth or sixth over the years. I just bought last month a new Dell monitor. Stopping f-ing pressuring me. Okay. Stop the full court press. I just wanted to know what was going on with my video card and Adobe Premiere capability. I will get another tower someday. Back Off.


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