I've really tried to avoid discussing politics especially this Trump Impeachment Thing. It's divisive and peoples' positions have hardened. I am guessing my miniscule blog won't change anyone's mind or have any impact. But I am old enough to remember clearly everything that went on with the Nixon impeachment vote and Nixon's resignation, his resignation before the Senate vote.

Trump is in trouble as of today. Giuliani, mentioned 30 times in the Whistleblower report, is in trouble. Countless WH insiders are deciding tonight, I am sure, whether they should lie for President Trump or tell the truth and expose what they know about the criminal behavior and betrayal by Trump.

I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat, I'm not even an Independent. I guess I am a political agnostic. I've given up on all lying, cheating, and stealing politicians. But, I have not given up on my country, the USA, or its founding principles that Trump is tearing apart day by day. And he is doing it by his own admissions in his tweets of what he did on Ukraine situation and actions broader than that. Burying data in a secret server so it wouldn't be discovered? That's a cover-up.

I saw this in the Nixon Impeachment investigation. This is all going in one direction. So here is my prediction. No later than the first quarter of next year, maybe as soon as the end of this year Trump will resign or be impeached. 

He will be impeached by the House because the Dems have the numbers. Tonight there is reporting that as many as 30 Republicans in the Senate will vote for impeachment conviction...secretly declaring they will vote for impeachment conviction. Those 30 plus the Dems is the 2/3 majority required for conviction. 

Trump is Toast. Stick a fork in him. He is finished. And despite his reference to those in his WH and the Whistleblower who he considers spies should be shot, by intimation he said this clearly today, it is he who is going to be out...and soon. 

Bottom line on Trump, he only cares about himself and not about this country or his oath of office. If you listen to his own words in the hundreds and hundreds of tweets he has written, yet another stupid action he took...to tweet, he self incriminates. I guess there will be some of you out there who think I am nuts and believe that Trump's shit does not stink. It does, just like yours, mine, and every other living creature on this earth.

So, I say get it all done, boot him back to Trump Tower, and let's all get on with our lives without this vane, psychotic, paranoid, juvenile, narcissistic imbecile.   

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