Hello everyone in Bloggerland. My name is Sky. I am an Arizona Toy-Mini Poodle. I am four years old and I just got my hairs cut. The mean lady at the beauty parlor hosed me down and put this stupid bandana around my neck. I'd take it off but I don't have fingers and my daddy, Fred, you know him I think, said "Wait a minute Sky, let's take a picture and show everybody how pretty you are." Daddy is silly, everyone knows I am pretty whether I go to the beauty store or not. Mommy smothered me with kisses and on the ride home. She does that all the time. I fell asleep on her lap and let the cool breeze from something Daddy calls air something or other, blew on me from an opening in the car.

Well, that's about all...that's my story and I am sticking to it. Now that I have finished composing this message I am dictating to my Daddy I think I'll take a nap, then I'll eat dinner, then I'll pee, then I'll poop, then I'll sleep some more...not necessarily in that order. Goodbye from the southern Arizona desert...btw, did Daddy tell you we had a tarantula in our backyard awhile back. Really, it was almost as big at me. It snarled at me and made a quick threatening move. But Daddy grabbed a nearby shovel and tossed the monster over the wall. Daddy saved the day, he always does. Okay, for real, bye.

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